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ESIMET is proud to announce the is the organizer in Greece for the world intellectual property day dedicated to Innovation and Green Technologies.

Since the inception of the Association - back in 2016 and after a long period of deep research of 4 years on why an association is necessary for Greece and the preparation of her programs, ESIMET has been also focusing on building a strategic, anti-counterfeit practice. 

But the necessities where growing so ESIMET is not just for anti-counterfeit...ESIMET is more!


ESIMET constitutes a register of companies and is the regulatory link between the Greek Authorities and the companies whose Ip rights are violated and companies that want to develop their IP rights.

Is a non-profit- association representing companies and professionals from a range of sectors all united by a common cause: the protection and the developments of the Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights and the trade name in the areas that we cover – Greece, Cyprus. Albania, Romania, Fyrom, Turkey, Dubai and Russia.



Defend the rights of all brand and trademark owners. 
Create a good collaboration with other institutions, 
To constantly improve the legislative and practical framework for brands and trademarks. Need to say that ESIMET is proud of having contributed with the know-how and in a detailed report on why mediation is a good idea to be included in IP issues. Please be informed that from October 2018 and according to the Law 4512/2018, Mediation is obligatory for IP issues including IP violations. 
Increase awareness in the community of the value of IP rights, the value,
The value of brands for the economy and to the community in general [employment],
The value of healthy trade, - The protection of the consumer’s health and safety.

INFORM brand owners about counterfeiting in Greece, Cyprus, Albania, Romania, & Fyrom and Turkey,

setting conferences, editing specific publications,

CONSTANTLY training the Authorities and the authorities of the areas that cover in collaboration with other institutions,

ORGANIZING national and European events with and for the Brand owners and with and for the authorities.

PROTECT the consumers from counterfeiting by constant contact with the media.

DEVELOP IP in the areas that we cover.

CO-OPERATING with diplomatic corps for the protection and the development of IP Rights [ Industrial and Intellectual]

RAISE AWARENESS on why IP is important and why the companies - especially in Greece- need to have an in-house IP consultant

COLLABORATE with foreign institutions [governmental and not] as an advisory body of them,  in order to improve the IP standards, develop IP plans, improve and provide services to domestic and international businesses.



  1. Luxury Fashion & Jewelry Department.

  2. Discographic Companies Department.

  3. Intellectual and Industrial Property Department.

  4. Sports Department.

  5. Cosmetic and Medical Department.

  6. Automotive Department.

  7. Food Industry Department.

  8. Internet Providers and New Technologies Department.

  9. Greek Companies Department maritime companies, transporting companies, courier companies, institutions of all kind such us, medical, pharmaceutical etc].



  1. ERMIS SAYS NO. A program created by ESIMET-  Ermis says NO, is a project totally created by ESIMET and specially designed for Transporting and Courier Companies, with the goal to educate them about the consequences of transporting counterfeit goods. We are pleased to inform that since 2017 many transporting companies in Greece and not only have joined our cause !! No need to say, that the name of our project was inspired by the ancient God Ermis or Hermes God of transportation, communication, borders, travellers etc.

  2. IP BUSINESS BUILDING FESTIVAL - The first IP Business Festival of Greece exclusively created for new creators. New Ideas, new products one meeting point.  One spot where all the creators can show their creations, meet each other exchange stories behind their creation, share difficulties and thoughts, build their name and many more as presented in our 2nd Congress last Sept, 22nd, 2018 in Eugenides Foundation. Our goal is to gather in Greece every year the most unique creators and exchange experience with old and future creators. Exchange experiences, difficulties and create a bridge between creators [old and new].

  3.  IT’S ALL ABOUT IP AND BUSINESS - The first IP magazine in Greece. Unique articles and Business news, all in one magazine!!! Academics, Lawyers, Public Institutions, designers etc, all in one magazine. 

  4.  IPTM – IP TRUSTMARK.  A trust mark that re-secures the rights of the consumers and merchants.    

  5. IP ACTIVITIES FOR KID – 2018-2019.  So far ESIMET has covered a good percentage of the Greek territory with the purpose to educate young students [from elementary to high schools] regarding the protection of IP.  


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